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Wiky Watch-Smart Kids Phone and Watch


Wiky Watch 2

Smart Kids Phone and Watch
Wiky Watch Smart Kids Phone and Watch

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Wiky Watch 2

Smart Kids Phone and Watch

Your concerns about contacting your kid will be over and you will be more happy since your kid’s safe.

Thanks to Wiky Watch Smart Kids Phone; it is now easier than ever to contact your END in situations where your kid’s in school , park, or school bus…

  • Brand and Model: Wiky Watch 2
  • Product Color Options: (These Colors are Close to Real and They are Figuratives.)
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Your child is safe now!

You can live track your kid and see the places he/she goes during the day with a single click on Wiky Watch 2.Besides, You can create an “electronic fenced area” for your kid and get alerts when your kid is outside the area. Your kid is allowed to contact to people you pre-designated only. In case of emergency, it calls its 3-contacts SOS list automatically and orderly and send its location via SMS to those contacts with a single click. In addition to its features like sending locations and SMS messages and making phone calls, Wiky Watch 2 also offers you a voice-chat feature. Messages can be sent between you and your kid mutually.
SOS Alarmı...

SOS Alert...

In case of emergency, your child can send his locations or voice messages by clicking the SOS button to contacts that you pre-designated..
Rehber Belirleme...

Setting Contacts...

You can add 15 designated people to Wiky Contacts. You now determine to whom your kid can contact.
Dokunmatik Ekran...

Touch Screen...

After you’ve chosen the number you’re going to call on Wiky Contacts, you can easily do it by clicking the green button.

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We offer you Wiky Watch 2 with 3 different color options ( blue, pink, black) that your kid would like to prefer.

You can enjoy the happiness that you are sure of your kid's safety thanks to features of Wiky Watch 2 like colour touch screen (LED screen), pedometer, send voice message ,on-map live tracking of your child's location, and secured contacts creation.
Wiky Watch 2 - Smart Kids Phone and Watch
Wiky Watch 2 - Smart Kids Phone and Watch
Wiky Watch 2 - Smart Kids Phone and Watch

Create Safezones
With Electronic Fence!

You can set a specific location as “electronic fenced area” for your kid and you are warned everytime your kid is outside the area.

Make a Difference With Attractive Colors

Whether He Dresses Formal or Sporty Outfits Let Your Kid Make a Difference with Wiky Watch Smart Kids Watch Belts.
Wiky Watch 2 Smart Kids Phone and Watch Kutu İçeriği

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