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What is Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome is a genetical disorder. An ordinary health human has 46 chromosomes but individuals with down syndrome has 47 chromosomes instead. There is one additional copy of 21th chromosome on the genetical codes of an individual with Down Syndrome. It is not a disase to be cured but a genetical disorder. The risk increases for 35+ pregnancy. Down Syndrome is not based on National or Socio-economy status and can be seen one in every 800 birth. It causes slight and moderate intellectual disabilities and delays on physical growth. There are approximately 6 million people with Down Syndrome living in the World. There is not an accurate statistical data about this but it is believed that the number in Turkey is approximately 70.000..

How i Donate via Wiky Watch?

Open your Wiky Watch Box. There’s a QR code on the donation guide document, scan it with a QR scanner. A pop-up will appear and you need to fill out these empty boxes then click the “Apply” button.You will receive an information message about your donation and can view your donation certificate.

Step by Step Donation Process...

Wiky Watch Smart Kids Phone and Watch

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