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Frequently Asked Questions Corporate Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does Wiky Watch Work?
    Wiky Watch Has the Same Work Princibles As a Casual Smartphone Does. It Operates with a Sim Card.
  • How Can I Figure My Child’s Location?
    Locations Tracking Components, GPS and LBS Are Included on Your Smart Kids Phone. Thanks to This, You Can See Your Kid’s Whereabouts Everytime You Want to See..
  • Wiky Watch İle Çocuğumla Konuşabilir Miyim?
    You Can Talk to and Send Text/Voice Messages to Your Kid With Wiky Watch Smart Kids Phone Without Any Limitation As Long As It Receives Signals From the Operator .
  • Is Wiky Watch Smart Kids Phone Healthy?
    It Has the Lowest SAR Value Ever Known and is Produced According to the Turkey and European Standards. It is Healthy Because the Device’s Technology Doesn’t Use High-End Data Transfers.
Wiky Watch Smart Kids Phone and Watch

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